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hi im samara, but you can call me worthless
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"Congratulations, you were the
one to love less. Here is your
reward: a trophy of a heart with
a hand over its mouth and a
lifetime of regret. Display it with
pride; it couldn’t have been easy
to bite your tongue so often."
- anne, that game where you pretend you don’t care (via anneisrestless)

(via im-an-ailurophile)

Anonymous: who do you admire ?

Admire? That’s a hard one.. I think I admire all the people who work really hard but no one notices. The girls who have their heart broken but continue to love. The men giving their time to help the less fortunate. The single parents and jobless adults, the grandparents living their dreams. I admire people living through life even when it isn’t easy.

I thought I was in love with you but if this is love it hurts too much.